*A nibble is half a computing byte. A Technology PR Nibble is an insight or idea that can lead to conversation, a big dea or influence for a brand.

We are the Ogilvy Public Relations Technology Practice. We make technology relevant.

Our differentiator is being about brands and making brand stories relevant. That means helping tech companies in crowded spaces differentiate themselves. It also means helping emerging companies develop a narrative that audiences might want to hear or engage with. We guide brand narratives in a way most communications consultancies cannot.

We help brands:

Maintain & Build Relevance. We craft unique brand narratives, messaging and positioning that go beyond pitching a product or service.

Target & Connect. We provide unique target audience insights to ensure we’re talking to the customers, partners and ecosystem we want…not just the ones that we have.

Execute and Reach. We develop programs and campaigns that cross paid, earned and owned to drive conversation.

What is your plan to develop and retain relevance?

How we tackle these challenges is also a differentiator for Ogilvy. We know that clients benefit from the combined thinking of tech PR experts, brand experts, consumer marketing minds, vertical industry specialists, digital marketers, etc.

Yes, we know technology PR.  But we think and go beyond. That is what makes us Ogilvy.

Please contact us about our core offerings. They include:

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