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Emilio Robles

Emilio Robles

With more than 27 years experience in marketing communications and media across three continents and various industry sectors, Emilio has a unique perspective on what it takes to be a global player in today’s competitive market place.

His track record includes a 9-year stint in the US, working with some of the industry’s best-known names and companies, including: Apple Computer, Philips Semiconductors, Hitachi Semiconductors, Sybase, Inc., SGI, Micron Computer, Starfish Software (a division of Motorola), Outride (a Xerox PARC spin-off) and provided strategic advice to Trend Micro, Filemaker and a number of start-ups.

In Australia, Emilio has worked with Apple Computer, Intel, Microsoft, VerizonBusiness, AT&T, Huawei Technologies, MasterCard International, Sony Computer Entertainment, Sungard, CSC, Maxtor, Roxio, CommVault, iBurst to name a few.

He currently leads the Australian Microsoft team, the Asia-Pacific agency regional team for Intel and Dell, Inc and is involved in several cross client regional and local strategic communications initiatives across product, services, issues and crisis management, corporate reputation, CSR and branding initiatives for a variety of clients. Within the agency, he also acts as senior counsel across a variety of clients.

Marketing communications, media relations, issues and crisis management, positioning and messaging, marketing analysis, competitive analysis, market research, change management communications, international marketing and marketing communications expertise (US and Europe), copywriting, channel communications, etc.






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