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May 24

PRSA’s “Inside the Newsroom” with Fortune Magazine

by Robin Shin
Category: Technology

Last week, Adiran Eyre and I had the opportunity to attend a PRSA event, “Inside the Newsroom,” where Fortune magazine reporters provided insight on the growth and structure of Fortune online and what they look for when developing a compelling story.  The panel included senior technology writer Jon Fortt; editor at large, Adam Lashinsky; senior writer, Michael V. Copeland and online producer Mason Cohn. 

The outlet is going through a significant amount of growth and what many may not realize is that Fortune online is hosted on the CNNMoney.com website.  CNNMoney.com also hosts CNN broadcast and Money magazine online coverage as well.  This partnership and Fortune’s online channels are continuing to grow and managing editor Dan Roth was recently added to the mix to help develop and expand Fortune’s online content.  While CNNMoney aims to provide breaking news for the website, Fortune writers are interested in providing value, analysis and the “why should you care” component to a story.  With more of their online coverage containing video, the panel emphasized the need for good visuals and a good spokesperson to increase the likelihood of getting your story on the site. 

Some of the online channels that they discussed included:

  • Tech Mate: a series co-developed by Jon Fortt and Michael Copeland where new trends and digital issues are debated and analyzed.
  • Tech Talk: a CNNMoney and Fortune video series where Fortune journalists discuss the latest tech industry topics and interview major influencers in the industry.
  • Connected: a video series by Jon Fortt and Adam Lashinsky where they meet with top company executives to discuss hot topics and get in-depth insight of what’s going on within the company.

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