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Jul 06

PR Pros as Dealmakers?

David Friedman

by David Friedman
Category: Technology

I can’t help but shed some more light on a very interesting article on the cover of the Business section of the NY Times this Sunday  titled, “Spinning the Web: PR in Silicon Valley.”

Although it provides a good broad-brush overview of some of the social media work PR practitioners are engaging in, the story is much more about a particular PR professional who is very well connected in the Valley.

Brooke Hammerling is not only noted as a good publicist for her start-up clients, but as someone who is well connected to the tech industry’s elite cognescenti, she does some business development as well.  Because of her expansive rolodex of contacts, she can make the right introductions to the right dealmakers on behalf of  her clients.

By now,  a somewhat loosely defined influencer relations program is part of what most PR firms can offer – but biz dev is a very different beast altogether.

While PR agencies may never truly deliver business development as a distinct offering, a lesson learned here is that all agencies have their own ecosystem of contacts.

Connecting them and proactively making the right introductions within their own ecosystem can be a huge value-add and build customer loyalty.





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