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Jun 16

Reflections on Year One of the Intel Insiders Program


A year ago this month, Intel (an Ogilvy PR client) launched the Intel Insiders, a social media advisory board of 10 highly engaged, influential thought leaders in technology and new media.

This diverse group of prolific content creators and tech-setters includes:
-Brian Solis of Bub.blicio.us and PR 2.0
-Cathy Brooks of Other Than That
-Sarah Austin of Pop17
-Justine Ezarik, iJustine
-JD Lasica, author of Darknet and publisher of SocialMedia.biz
-Adriana Gascoigne of Girls in Tech
-Irina Slutsky of Geek Entertainment TV
-Frank Gruber of Somewhat Frank
-Tom Foremski of Silicon Valley Watcher
-Christian Perry of SF Beta and Snap Summit

Since the launch of the program, we’ve collaborated with the Insiders on a number of fun projects that’s helped Intel extend their reach and build key relationships with the online tech community. Highlights from the first year of our program have included a range of activities from hosting the Intel CES Kick-off Blogger Party, inside looks and visits to Intel’s FAB in Portland, Oregon and attendance at multiple industry and Intel events such as Computex, SxSW, ISEF and Intel Developer Forum (IDF).

Over the past year, we have collaborated to engage the Insiders on a number of online and offline activities around new devices enabled by Intel technology as well as CSR initiatives. We worked to build meaningful and authentic relationships by consistently engaging the Insiders in an open dialogue about Intel’s role in social media and the changing landscape of digital marketing.

We’ve worked closely with the Insiders to create customized engagements that speak to their individual areas of expertise. The program has demonstrated that there’s no formula for engaging with online influencers. Instead, marketers must take customized and strategic approaches to collaborating with digital content creators.

Following the WOMMA code of ethics, we encourage the Insiders to be transparent about their involvement in the Intel Insiders program and disclose all material incentives provided to them by Intel. They have never been obligated to attend events or to write about Intel, and we always encourage them to be honest in their feedback, sharing the good, bad and ugly, if they so wish.

For the second year of the program, we’ll be making a few key changes to ensure that the Insiders continue to be inspired by what Intel is doing. Not only are the Insiders a group of content creators we respect as individuals, they’re part of a key community of tech-savvy users of products with Intel technology inside. Here at Ogilvy PR, we strive to execute innovative digital engagement campaigns that inspire online communities to make relevant conversations about our clients. It’s great to be a part of a company that is dedicated to engaging online influencers and building authentic relationships.

With that being said, Happy One Year Anniversary, Intel Insiders!

To read more about the Intel Insiders, visit: Intel’s consumer blog, the Inside Scoop.






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