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Feb 09


Nicholas Ludlum

by Nicholas Ludlum
Category: Media, Tech PR

It seems Amazon is launching the second version of the Kindle today at 10am.  See here for information and watch this link for live blogging at Engadget.  I find the Kindle fascinating from a consumer perspective (I’ve been a proud owner for about 2 months now). 

It is also, however, a great case study for marketers. Think of how it was launched: rumors, secrecy and hints for months, and then a splashy launch  with distinguished authors lining up to endorse.  Amazon followed the initial introduction with only the most fleeting and oblique referrences to the product’s success, thereby encouraging speculation as to sales figures, devices shipped, etc. 

I also find it interesting that in it’s top-line messaging Amazon refers to the Kindle as a ‘wireless reading device’, not an eBook reader.  It sounds both more technically advanced and more user friendly at the same time.  It seems this time around Amazon is taking a page from Apple and including an exclusive work from Steven King.  It will be interesting to see what else they have in store for us . . .





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